When we look back to examine the swirling trend of BREXIT, beginning from the referendum campaign to the recent election. Today’s communication system does not need much convincing about what innocent people think regarding Brexit. During most of my *Radio Interviews l discovered that fear had spread all over the country with predictions filled with doom. However, this did not bar me from making continuous public declaration on what Brexit is all about and what the Almighty God has in His heart for Great Britain.

God intends to use Great Britain, check my book “OVERCOMING THE ANGRY WORLD“. A copy can be found on amazon or make a direct order at

Recently, Great Britain witnessed a victorious landslide as the Conservative Party took the majority of the vote during the last election on December 12th, 2019. I believe that this was orchestrated by God to prove who is behind the Prime Minster ‘Boris Johnson’. If this is still not clear enough, the end time signs are on the way and just as a warning, “the battle over Great Britain has begun.” That said, there is no more room to beat around the bush. It’s either we find the truth to solve many problems that are ahead or not. The time is coming and it’s so near when Great Britain will cry out to God. Even though there is so much noise around, let’s make no mistake about this, we had the worst noise prior to the election. Nevertheless, victory came at the end.

Great Britain’s Economy

Similarly, the shape up of Britain’s economy was revealed to me back in 2009. Moreover, I will soon be sharing this, but you can get this from my book titled, ‘OVERCOMING THE ANGRY WORLD‘. A true Prophet is not judged by his appearance but by the authentication of his words. It isn’t by how loud his words are, but by whose authority he speaks.

Please follow the links below to some of my **Radio interviews in regards to the direction that God has for Great Britain.


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