Prophecy Regarding Nigeria (November 2018)

Recently, I saw in a vision the name ‘Nigeria’ and an attempt to divide it into many parts. This doesn’t happen just once, but I saw the attempt to divide the country happen repeatedly from different forces.


During this period, the Church must rise up in prayer as it is the prayer of the righteous ones, especially those living in Nigeria that will eventually prevail and will remain strong and immovable. It is through these prayers that, thank God, their attempts to divide the country are proven futile and Nigeria remains untouched as one nation.


This was a strong and clear warning from God: The saints of God, who are the faithful ones, should never stop praying because the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will fight for them.



I had a Dream! A prophecy regarding Brexit, 15th November 2017

I had a dream!

It was after we had returned back from our Church service and feeling unusually tired, I decided to rest. In my dream, I dreamt that the BREXIT deal did not go through at some stage during the process because the EU leaders were trying to take over some of Britain’s greatest innovations and when this was discovered, the UK government pulled out of the deal and refused to continue with the negotiations.

During the dream, it was also clear that with the current deal, the rights of the current EU Citizens living in the UK would be affected badly leaving me to question whether the promises made for their safe status in the UK would not be honoured?

When I awoke from the dream I had the strongest sense that, as much as I believe it is the will of God for the UK to exit the EU, it is not going to be easy, or go according to anyone’s expectations. As the Church, we must realise the importance of this mandate and not be misled by what the media report. We are called to pray diligently as there are forces in place that are working against the plan of God for Great Britain.

It is His will that the UK becomes a mighty nation again which will come about through a great revival He is about to bring to this nation.








Podcast Episode – BAFR001

This is our intro Podcast Episode. In this episode, you will learn how to make the power of God’s word applicable in your day-to-day life to enhance victory.

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