“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh…(Joel 2:28).” The greatest mistake for any generation to commit is to ignore the precious promise of the Holy Spirit. That generation will be as cold as ice and as dry as a bone. Unfortunately, this generation has long been in the middle of the desert due to its negligence towards the promise of the Holy Spirit.

However, God has not forgotten the world that He loved and died for. Many revivals have come and gone and the account of the work of the Holy Spirit will always be remembered as long as the world remains.

Likewise, at this present time we look for the blessing of the Holy Spirit to come upon us from the presence of the Father. If you are passionate for this outpouring of the Spirit subscribe below for the Lectures on Revival to get your vessel ready for this end time outpouring. God is about to pour out the Holy Spirit for a greater manifestation of His power. Get involve today in this lecture of the Baptism of the Spirit and be filled to overflowing.


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