Today in our society, when we look around, all we see and observe is the influence that technology has on our day to day life. The effects range from high functioning mobile phones, Smart-TVs, paper-thin computers, driverless cars, and supersonic aeroplanes and control towers. Almost everything we make is operated remotely due to the enormous impact that technology has had on our generation.

Indeed, the power of technology has increased so much that almost all transactions can be done on our mobile devices; emails, books, bank account transactions, news, conference calls, TV remotes, video cameras, photographs, TV shows, live streaming podcasts, and practically everything can be done on a device that is small enough to slip into our pocket. Digital technology is an unbelievable discovery to our society and has taken over everything with such unavoidable power, controlling our movements, social lives, minds, knowledge, ideas, perceptions, and even our choices. In fact, according to *research, approximately 90% of our mobile time is spent using apps,

Even within the church walls, you will find most Christians no longer use the print copy of their bible, but are more comfortable to just use a good Bible App. This is just one part of the technology development.

Looking back, in the year 2000, God told me that He wants the Church to come together, that is, to merge together in order to become stronger. In order words, they will be able to work together and become a powerful voice on earth. However, the Lord also revealed to me from the book of Esther Chapter 1, that the Church will not listen as they neither hear His voice nor walk in His vision. This was shocking to me at the time and prompted me to an awakening when l realised that God was actually expressing His deep concern to me and this prompting soon turned to a deep grief in my spirit when I realised just how much the Church does not know the will of God. We have been misleading the people of God, yet we thought that we are walking in God’s revelation.

At the time, my wife and I circulated several letters across London to inform many Churches what the Lord was saying. We contacted over one hundred churches, but didn’t get a response from any of them. In fact, there was only one minister we had contacted who responded and that was the prophet, Dr. T. L. Osborne. His response was open and honest, and though he was willing to give me as much advice as he could at the time, but let me know kindly that due to his age and schedules he sincerely and apologetically expressed that he would not be able to do more than that.

Feeling somewhat dejected by the lack of response, the Lord instructed me to begin a mission work in order to warn the Church of this intended purpose and though I was obedient, unfortunately, the Church did not respond in any particular way other than the usual services and programs.

When I look back to compare what the world had achieved in the last eighteen years in turning our society upside down by simply applying the same voice (the plan to become a mighty force), which God is trying to bring into his Church. The world applied the same instruction to merge, and businesses began to merge till it all became a global force. This is what could have happened to the Church, whereby we would have been able to turn the world upside down as the early disciples did, according to (Acts 17:6).

Sadly, the Church did not hear God, while the struggle continues.


Sadly, I do not think that we have allowed God to do with us what he would have loved to do. Although, I perceive that it will soon happen once we allow God to take control of His work. Presently, the world is ahead as a global force with their incredible knowledge that we see around us today (Is.119b). However, the Church can still take over in a blink of an eye when we fully yield to the Holy Spirit who will unfold this plan of God to us (2Chr.16:9). Presently, we are confronted with too many wars because we are not yield fulfillment voice. However, I believe that through repentance God can turn us towards the fulfilment of this intended plan to become a mighty force that will move globally with full recognition of God’s presence (Is.64:1-4).

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