It was on Sunday morning, 17th February 2019 that God spoke to me from (Hag.2:22), stating there will be a shaking of Kingdoms. However, little did I know the impact this will bring few days following. The shaking began in the British politics reflecting the split in the Labour Party and the Conservatives’ two days after. This is an eruption that cannot be lightly overlooked.

Brexit in itself, according to my prophecy is a divine plan of God. In my interviews on different radio programs I emphasised the importance of Britain leaving the EU. It is a vision that I received back in February 2009, not only about Brexit, but the future of Great Britain after exiting the EU.

Certainly, more earthquakes should be expected following the recent splits in the leading parties, however, exiting the EU will not be affected. Therefore, I encourage Christians to be fervent in prayer at this time, especially in all prayer networks across the country. Furthermore, this cannot be overemphasised that God requires us to pray at this time.

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