About Us

The aim of Britain Arise is to bring about the radical reform needed for the Church in order to permeate the promised revival that will invoke God’s blessings upon Great Britain. The reform aims to address the various reasons revival is withheld from the Church, and intend to facilitate the culture change in bringing correctness to its current doctrinal practices. The present day Church has dwindled from its original calling, which is to bring revival through the baptism of the Spirit, to the world.

The Church leadership is becoming weakened due to the many differences in the interpretation of Biblical truth. However, God intended the baptism of the Holy Spirit alone to be the guide according to (1Jn.2:27 & 2Tim.3:16), i.e., to teach, instruct and direct.

Britain Arise is focused to bring the intended revival that will put the Great back to Britain, to champion once again, the world revival that will:

  1. Build the Body of Christ
  2. Restore Vision
  3. Impart Power
  4. Develop Leaders

Therefore, in order to fulfill this mission, Britain Arise is committed to bring Churches, Church leaders, men and women, including political leaders together, through the baptism of the Spirit, for direction and the move of God in this nation.